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About The Author


Kendall Blazer, a native of Tampa, Florida, introduces the insightful narrative of “The Fiery Seed of The Spirit.” This poignant work emerges from a life marred by adversity and illuminated by an unshakable bond with God. As the author embarked on a profound spiritual journey, a deep connection was forged, inspiring a mission to share the profound joy and fulfillment found in that divine relationship.

In her dedication, Kendall extends heartfelt gratitude to dear friends Ralph, Andrew, and Douglas, whose support and camaraderie have been invaluable on this literary expedition. A tribute is also tenderly offered to her children, Ashley, Victoria, and Ryan, along with the radiant presence of her cherished granddaughter, Michelle. Kendall honors her departed mother and father, whose love and guidance have shaped her path and instilled enduring values.

The ultimate acknowledgment is reserved for the eternal source of grace and wisdom – the true Father God, in whose image all humanity is molded. Kendall’s narrative is woven with reverence for the guiding light of Jesus Christ, the embodiment of salvation.

With “The Fiery Seed of The Spirit,” the author extends a hand of spiritual enlightenment, inviting readers to embrace a life kindled by divine wisdom and radiant love.